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Sunday, June 02, 2013
Take care!

Take careee~~~!!! 

written @ 11:33 PM

Thursday, May 09, 2013

For good or for bad 
life still goes on
We learn and we experience 
and thts wad keep us strong
Forgive and forget is wad we shld do
Stay calm and improve 
And never give up
For soon u'll be 
Standing right back up.

written @ 3:13 PM

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Sometimes its just sad and painful to see that wad i did did not please u as much, while other simple things that ppl did is awesome..i just sux i guess..but hey, there is room for improvements rite? i hope i can improve!! がんばてぱんさん!!

written @ 4:07 PM

Thursday, October 11, 2012
My "fillings" for u stays strongs

Many things have happened and time passed but there is one thing tht i know and it didnt change since then and tht is i love baby with all my heart and tht i Do Not want to lose her! I'm scared but i trust and believe! Hahahax ( i do have a very huge fear of losing someone very close to me.)

Times are a little bitter now and thr are lots of questions. And what is life without problems right?, ppl make mistakes. =P But nw i am juz scared to say anything >.< But i am sure tht we are able to solve this, and i still stand by what i said which is tht "i will be right here with u through thick and thin". And i just hate it when things go bad and the first solution tht came out is tht.

I wanna things to be out of this atmosphere badly,and i'm gonna find my guts to talk to her about it someday. However, for nw. I'm gonna give her time to focus on her studies, while me staying positive! (since i found out tht staying negative just makes things even worse XP) and i'm sure things will work out, somehow..hehe:):)

(Hahaha =P)

written @ 10:01 AM

Friday, September 14, 2012


Gangnam style

written @ 1:14 AM

Wednesday, August 24, 2011
welcome back!

Gonna welcome myself back to this space whr i write some emo stuff to do self reflections and complains..hahax

written @ 12:50 AM

Friday, July 30, 2010

Empty feelings do not go away, because they are satisfied only for a short time. there is a secret language to feelings and if they are not attended to, they demand to be taken care of in ways that may not be healthy. There is exception to every rule.

written @ 10:11 AM

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

good or bad?..for things to turn outlike this..one thing no change is that everything, EVERYTHING is still on us..we are to blame on everything..nth will change nth will change

written @ 11:23 AM

Monday, July 05, 2010

Human really dun appreciate things untill they are gone or going to be gone do they..somehow i feel that its wrong..y would one hav to suffer losses everytime..dun ppl find it irritating and at the same time bored that it happens almost everytime?..I'm frowning now jux thinking about it..lolx

we had such a good csm and no one realize it till some old bugger came to change EVERYTHING for us to realise tht wad we had was wad we need..sigh..life still have to go on rite

And some ppl some ppl jux have to drag everyone with them, by hook or by crook..here come another flaw of a person..when everything is ok..ppl dun giv credit to those that had helped him thru be it support or manpower..he will wan to claim the credit for himself ONLY..but when things happen..WOW i tell u WOW..tht person will juz say :" NO!!..NOT ME WAD, THT PERSON......"..suddenly everythin is not him anymore..and if he cant escape..he drags ppl down with him..Sigh..such life..myself included..sigh

written @ 11:52 PM

Sunday, July 04, 2010

This 2-3 days...came to my notice that to me time = money. i tend to treat time as impt as money..tend to take notice of it..even when go out and not spend anything..i will feel as thou alot was lost, waste time. Then regret it..buy thing oso same..so i will tend to look at my watch alot..lol

think because of camp bah..spending more time in camp and lesser time outside makes time outside of camp damn precious. even traveling in mrt or buses to me is a waste of time..so i will find things to do to flly utilize the time..that is why i initially wanted to get the villiv notebook..so i can spend the time better and not waste it. Still thinking about the EX70 or the S7 thou..hehe


damn tired now..and wasting time traveling to camp.......

written @ 9:13 PM

Been thinking about it..will writing my thoughts done somewhr help somehow?..i may have good questions sometimes from somewhr..juz looking at things at wonder/question myself..books always sae..writing things down keeps u sane..and i believe it does..it might help u think things thru or even help u solve problems..i do not know..haven tried it yet..lol

so lets see how things go k..reaching home to enjoy my less then 24hrs outside b4 gin back camp AGAIN!

written @ 9:08 AM